Ideal Thermoanemometers for Your Application

The simple-to-operate Alnor® Velometer® Thermal Anemometers are like having multiple meters for the price of one. The thermoanemometers are available with a straight or articulated probe–all in one compact package.

Ideal applications for these thermoanemometers include HVAC system performance, commissioning, plant maintenance, critical environment certification and duct traverses.

Alnor Velometer Thermal Anemometers Deliver Crucial Measurments

  • Receive high accuracy over a wide velocity range
  • Simultaneously measure temperature and velocity (AVM-430, AVM-430-A, AVM-440, AVM-430-A)
  • Measure humidity and calculate wet bulb and dew point with select thermoanemometers models (AVM-440, AVM-430-A)
  • Calculate volumetric flow (AVM-430, AVM-430-A, AVM-440, AVM-430-A)
  • Display up to three measurements simultaneously (AVM-430, AVM-430-A, AVM-440, AVM-430-A)

Everything You Need for Accurate Results

The Alnor Velometer Thermal Anemometers are supported with a host of accessories to enhance their performance and deliver the results you need.

  • Data logging and LogDat2™ downloading software included
  • Articulated probe version available