Accurate Hydronic System Balancing

Facilities containing hydronic (water) systems are typically balanced for terminal flow using differential pressures. Balancing hydronic systems reduces energy consumption, saves money and enhances system performance.

Alnor® Hydronic Manometers HM670 and HM680 are used to balance hydronic heating and cooling systems and to check pump performance. Both models can measure and display differential, high side, and low side pressures simultaneously without the need to change hose connections or instrument valve settings.

Features and Benefits

  • Large backlit display for use in low light areas
  • Operates on four alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Reads in. H2O, ft. H2O, psi, in. Hg, mm H2O, kPa, mm Hg, or bar
  • Measures from 0–300 psi (0–2068 kPa)
  • Measure and display high side, low side, and differential pressure simultaneously from 0 to 300 psi (0 to 2068 kPa)
  • Robust, splash-proof case
  • HM680 includes data logging and flow calculation

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